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bse engineering

The company bse engineering Leipzig GmbH deals with the operating and building, planning and design in the industrial sector, especially in the area of bioethanol plants, and has for many years been recognized throughout Europe. At Hveiti, bse has the responsibility for consultancy and client engineering regarding costs, deadlines and qualities.


WH - Consulting Engineer

Hveiti collaborates with WH about the construction of an energy plant. WH specializes in rational investment and operation solutions, which strengthens the industrial firm’s market position.


LB Consult

Hveiti cooperates with the local firm of consulting engineers, LB Consult, about the civil work in connection with the building of the biorefinery. LB Consult, which has its headquarters in Grenaa, Denmark, is specialized within consulting, design and supervision of construction tasks.


Follow the developments within biorefining. hveiti regularly informs about our efforts to improve the environment.

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