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Bioethanol in the future

Even with the rise of many new technologies within the renewable energy sector, there will in the future still be a need for bioethanol.

Today, we see an increased focus on the development of new alternatives to lower the CO2 emissions from the transport sector. Electrical vehicles, cars on biogas and natural gas, and hybrid cars are gaining ground, especially in the foreign markets.

These various alternatives to regular diesel and gasoline cars will, however, never be able to fully replace the need for bioethanol. For the more demanding means of transportation, such as airplanes, ships and trucks, the alternatives mentioned above are not an option. Therefore, these industries are showing an increased interest in bioethanol.

Boeing has announced that their 747-8 freighters will be the first commercial jetliner to do a transatlantic flight on biofuels, and also in Denmark, the airlines are focused on reducing their CO2 emissions. SAS has put forth an ambition of halving its CO2 emissions per passenger by 2020, and is ready to buy bioethanol from Hveiti to reach this goal.

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