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CO2 by Hveiti

CO2 collected through a biorefining process can be used for a number of different purposes.

The production of fibre, protein and bioethanol produces clean CO2, which can be collected and used in e.g. greenhouses to increase the air's amount of CO2, or in fizz for beer and soda. Besides this, the product can also be used for industrial purposes.

On a yearly basis, Hveiti can collect 65,000 tons clean CO2.

As opposed to the CO2 normally used in greenhouse productions, this is a 100 % clean CO2, why there will be no need for cleaning the CO2.

The CO2 is clean because it is produced on biomass, as opposed to productions based on non-renewable sources.

The CO2 from Hveiti's process can also be used in combination with a hydrogen production from wind power for bio-methanol – a valuable biofuel for ships. 

Follow the developments within biorefining. hveiti regularly informs about our efforts to improve the environment.

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