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Core values

Hveiti has five core values that the concept surrounding the biorefinery is built upon.


We develop intelligent solutions to the future feed, food and energy needs, and show that green and sustainable is not a contrast to growth. We want to redefine the production of bioethanol to transport, so that the value reflects the CO2 footprint. The concept is built on sound reason and well-proven technology and experience. 


We take responsibility for the future and the community. We see ourselves as citizens, who contribute to the community on a both local and global level, and do our part in helping to solve the climate and energy challenges that the world is facing. We acknowledge our responsibility towards the future generations. 

Value adding

We create value for our customers, investors and society. We create value by producing effectively, intelligently, holistically and responsibly. We do this by bringing innovation and development to the existing livestock production. Thereby, we help sustain Denmark’s continued global lead position within energy and food production. 


We have a holistic approach to solutions and people. We emphasize that our entire production concept is sustainable and work from the principle that nothing must be wasted. We achieve a synergy by looking at the production concept as a whole.


We seek new research and development within biorefining of biomass. Our focus is to understand the commercial potential of new ideas. Through our efforts to develop the best possible solutions, we seek knowledge from professionals, experts and collaborators.


Follow the developments within biorefining. hveiti regularly informs about our efforts to improve the environment.

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