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Danish agricultural tradition

The history surrounding Hveiti builds on a proud Danish agricultural tradition.

Denmark has a long tradition within agricultural development and is very skilled within this field. If you drive through the country side, it is easy to see how agriculture has been part of shaping the country; many ports, small villages, farms scattered across the territory, and the pig breeders and dairies' characteristic buildings are all a survival from the old agriculture tradition and bear witness to a long tradition within food production: farming, fishing and forestry.

Through history, Danish agriculture has undergone many challenges. Today, the greatest challenges lie within the areas of global climate change and population growth. It has been documented that in the years to come, global climate change will cause a rise in temperature, increased precipitation and sea level rise, which will have consequences for the agricultural production, as we see it today. In addition, the projections tells us that in 2050, we will be 9 billion people on the planet, which, together with the agricultural changes, means that we have no choice but to optimise the use of the available resources.

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