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DBH Technology A/S

DBH Technology A/S is a Danish development company whose first job is to finish the development of the biorefinery – Hveiti

The work began in the beginning of 2008, after the founding of the company in September 2007. In the period leading up to now, VVM applications for the local authorities were compiled (approval was given in the first quarter of 2010); research on which technology would be the most suitable for a Danish biorefinery project were made; and most importantly, work on how to integrate Danish innovation into the American technology, chosen in the autumn of 2010, was carried out.

The project has been a contributing factor to the expansion and finishing of the harbor in 2010. The finishing of the expansion of the harbor has made it possible for Grenaa Harbor to become the new offshore harbor in the establishing of Anholt wind farm.

In the period, from the start-up of the company and until now, great knowledge and a great network has been obtained in and around DBH Technology as a development company. DBH Technology will, after completing the development of Hveiti, continue to function as a development company within the area of optimised use of different types of biomass. 

The knowledge obtained will be of relevance, especially within the EU, and can be used on existing bioethanol production plants. Hveiti is build on thinking optimal resource use into every aspect of the company, and this way of thinking can be transferred to other companies.

DBH Technology’s activities:

  • Finishing the project, Hveiti, as a new biorefinery at Grenaa Harbor.

  • Using the CO2 released through the fermentation process for either industry gas, food or a new biofuel production in the shape of bio-methanol.

  • Further development of the protein fraction from the plant to be used for fish feed and other protein applications.

  • Assess the possibilities within other types of biomass for biorefining.

Read our brochure which briefly describes Hveiti and the fundamental idea behind the company.

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