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Direct CO2 reduction

Bioethanol produced by Hveiti has an indicated CO2 reduction capacity of 70 % compared to regular gasoline.

There are several reasons why the CO2 reduction from bioethanol by Hveiti is so pronounced:

  • The feed wheat used in the production is produced in Europe.

  • All parts of the grain are utilised and will be used for bioethanol, food and feed.

  • The energy used in the production process is derived from renewable sources (biomass).

  • In traditional bioethanol productions, the protein product is dried, which is an energy intensive process. Hveiti has chosen not to dry its protein product, which means that the energy consumption in the process is reduced by 40-50 % compared to traditional productions. 

  • The water consumption in the production process has been scrutinised and optimised to a level where the process is water neutral

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