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The footprint left by Hveiti

Hveiti’s bioethanol product has a CO2 reduction capacity of 70 %, meaning that bioethanol from Hveiti emits 70 % less CO2 than regular gasoline.

In the production of sustainable bioethanol, Hveiti applies a technology that, with a limited use of energy in the production and transportation process, refines biomass into bioethanol, food and feed. This is a process that can also be used in other types of productions, as it is about optimising the production process through an optimum use of resources.

If bioethanol is to live up to the requirements put forth by the EU Commission, and at the same time work on the premises of the market forces, it is necessary to employ a technology where the raw material is accessible and the production and by-products are environmentally sound. Therefore, Hveiti uses a method that takes advantage of the fact that wheat consist of starch, protein and fiber, as well as minerals and vitamins. By separating the biomass, all nutrients are utilised, and the result is a production of food, feed and bioethanol – a production without any waste products.

Hveiti has had a life cycle analysis made for its bioethanol product, which shows that the product has a CO2 reduction capacity of 70 %.

Life cycle analysis

From political side it has been decided that when conducting a life cycle analysis of biofuels, you evaluate the raw material used in the production, the production machinery, and the end product. This means that the by-products, which are a natural part of the production of bioethanol, are not taken into consideration in the analysis.

If you, in the life cycle analysis, also take into consideration Hveiti’s fiber and protein products, the reduction capacity would be higher. This is because the inclusion of these products means that there are no waste products, and that these products replace part of the import of fiber and protein, and thereby free up agricultural land in other countries.
In the future, when politicians gain a greater insight into the production of biofuels, it is likely that this will change, and that it will become recognised that Hveiti’s CO2 reduction capacity exceeds 70 %.

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