refining life

The fundamental idea behind the project

The fundamental idea came from a recognition of a general need for a better use of resources.

The fundamental idea is that if we are to do something about climate change and the rising demand for food, we have to change our attitude towards the way we use the planet’s resources. In short; we have to focus on an optimum use of the resources available to us.

It was this thought that in 2007 gave Svend Brandstrup the idea to start a biorefinery that was to make use of Denmark's surplus of feed wheat and use it, not just for the production of bioethanol, but also to produce food and feed in the same production.

Several biorefineries already exist in other countries, but many of these have been criticised for not having sustainable productions, because of their use of corn as raw material, and for not making well enough use of the residue left when producing bioethanol. As former farmer, Svend knows everything about wheat and the components making up the wheat grain. Instead of just using the starch found in wheat for the production of bioethanol, you should also exploit the vitamins, minerals and protein, which is not used in the production of bioethanol.

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