refining life


With the production of sustainably produced bioethanol, fibres and protein, Hveiti’s mission is to create growth and development.

We wish to create an independent concern, which will in two phases fulfill the mission of the company, through the establishment a production facility at the port of Grenaa.

Phase one is to collect knowledge and expertise concerning the production of biofuels, and to implement the necessary regulatory demands for the establishment of the concern. This is done through the attachment of employees and advisors, who in cooperation with the concern’s own employees, work up a knowledge and expertise, which as a business case in itself represents a value.

Afterwards, with a point of reference in the achieved business case, establishing a financial foundation for the establishment of the production facility Hveiti A/S.

The second phase is to create and maintain a contact to the international corporations and knowledge institutions, to maintain a technological and financial profitable production at the benefit of a sustainable development in society, and for the investors.

We work from the philosophy:

  • Do what you do best.
  • Let others do what they do best.
  • And tie the knots!

Follow the developments within biorefining. hveiti regularly informs about our efforts to improve the environment.

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