refining life

Name change

Hveiti, which today is the name of the biorefinery, started out as Danish Biofuel.

The project started with a focus on the bioethanol part of the production, and how to refine feed wheat into bioethanol, and at the same time make use of the wheat grain’s other parts. Gradually, as the project and the development of the other products advanced, it became more and more obvious that these were products in high demand.

Therefore, the name Danish Biofuel did no longer fit the project. The project needed a name that emphasised that this was not just a bioethanol production, but a biorefinery.
And so Hveiti came into existence.


It is about wheat – a proud Danish agricultural tradition. For centuries feed wheat has been grown in Denmark, and Denmark has some of the finest feed wheat in the world. It is this tradition that we have chosen to carry on and to couple with the Danish ability to innovate. This has led to the production of food, feed and bioethanol – all from the same wheat grain.

The word Hveiti comes from the Old Norse language and means wheat.

The wheat is the center of our production, which is built on an old Danish agricultural tradition.

Hveiti – refining life. Because we refine the way we live today, by taking a starting point in Danish agricultural tradition and combining it with Danish innovation, and in this way creating a production that is sustainable all the way through and has no waste products.

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