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Protein basics

Protein is typically used as a blend in animal feed.

The main part of EU’s protein consumption is soybean protein imported from South America.

Denmark’s soybean meal consumption

Denmark’s consumption of soy is mainly made up of soybean meal, and Denmark imports around 1.7 mill tons a year (Danmarks statistik). The import of soybean meal is the third largest agricultural related import, and make up 6 % of the total Danish import of agricultural goods (FAO 2006).

Soybean meal is the product remaining after extracting most of the oil from whole soybeans. 

It is mainly Denmark’s production of meat – above all the pig production – which is responsible for the huge consumption of soybean meal. On a yearly basis, 25 mill. pigs are bred in Denmark. While growing, the pigs are fed with a blend of corn (barley, wheat), protein feed (soybean meal) and minerals.

Today, the main part of EU’s soybean import comes from South America. This puts an enormous pressure on the South American rainforests, which function as the planet’s natural carbon stocks.

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