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Protein by Hveiti

The protein product (PDGS) produced by Hveiti can be used as a blend in feed for pigs, cattle, chickens and fish, and can replace soybean protein imported from South America.

PDGS is fermented, which means that it is processed. This makes it easier for the animals to absorb and digest, as opposed to soybean, which is very hard for especially pig’s intestinal systems. The result is that pigs often suffer from gastric ulcer and intestine failure.

PDGS = Protein Distillers Grains with Solubles.

Because of this, Hveiti already sees a great demand for the fermented protein product, which is a brand new product on the market.

On a yearly basis, Hveiti will produce 147,000 tons of feed protein (dry), which will be sold nationally to Danish pig and dairy farmers.

The PDGS will have a dry matter content of 32 %, which means that it is liquid. By not drying the product, the nutrients in the product are preserved, which would have been reduced, had you chosen to dry the product. Also, there is the environmental advantage of a reduced energy consumption by letting the product remain wet.

Hveiti’s production of protein will be able to phase out 8-10 % of Denmark’s yearly soybean import, and thereby help ease the pressure on the South American rainforests


The EU imports about 30m tonnes of soybean meal or equivalent protein each year. 

Therefore, investigating alternative sources of protein for use in livestock feed is crucial for reducing agriculture's environmental footprint and improving profitability for primary producers.

Follow the developments within biorefining. hveiti regularly informs about our efforts to improve the environment.

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