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At Hveiti we believe that it is necessary to take things in the right order and be realistic about what we can do at this stage in time, and what we will be able to do in 10 years and further into the future.

Because Hveiti’s production concept has its starting point in local conditions and known technology, it is a solution that can be employed right here and now. We cannot afford to wait until the perfect technology has been fully developed, as the consequences of climate change are already felt in many parts of the world.

In the medium-long term we have to commercialise the many different technologies that are under development, and make the ideas that people are working on now a reality. We have to start mass production, and to an even larger extend make use of the available resource, so that we have enough food and water for everyone. 

In the long run, we need to get to having efficient technologies, a high resource efficiency degree, and a higher utilisation degree of the cultivated areas. The initiatives which are under way today have to be implemented, so that they work in practice. In this way, climate change mitigation will be a reality and the yield from energy, feed and food will increase.

Energy strategy 2050 - from coal, oil and gas to green energy

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