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Board of directors

The board of directors in DBH Technology represents different parts of Danish corporate life, and their motivation to take part in the project with the establishing of Hveiti comes from a common interest in a sustainable and competitive Denmark.

Hans Nielsen, chairman of the board of directors, Chartered Accountant m.d.b.

My motivation for joining the project is the work for a greener and less polluting world, including finding sustainable solutions for the replacement of fossil fuels. 


Henrik Lind, board member, Executive chairman and majority owner Danske Commodities A/S

The reason why I have chosen to get involved in Hveiti is that I see the project as being both environmentally and economically sustainable at the same time.

I find it interesting to make sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, and for an entrepreneur like me, it is interesting to be part of developing a project which is the first of its kind in Denmark. 

The potential of this sustainable production method is enormous, and it is exciting to be part of shaping the future of sustainability through DBH Technology. 


Karsten Ree, board member, CEO Ree Holding A/S

Through my engagement in this project, I wish to be part of making Denmark more self-sufficient when it comes to fuel and energy. I wish for Denmark to obtain a higher degree of independence from fossil fuels. Through the years, one of the main drivers behind my investments have become to help shape a future based on more sustainable products and more harmony with nature. The pressure on the Earths’ resources has become enormous, and I would like to leave future generations with a world that is more sustainable, than the one we have today. 


Svend Brandstrup Hansen, board member, CEO Brandstrup Consult

We face several challenges when it comes to global resources and climate change. The only immediate solution to these challenges is to change our traditional approach to production, and start to think in whole solutions based on sustainability and optimal use of resources. This is exactly what we have done with Hveiti, which will be the first biorefinery with state of the art technology. At the same time, the project holds an enormous potential for further development, as this is an area in constant development. 

Follow the developments within biorefining. hveiti regularly informs about our efforts to improve the environment.

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