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Local cultivation of food

If you want to discuss the dilemma of food used for transport, you also have to talk about transport used for food.

Does it make sense that we cultivate a commodity in Denmark, after which we use a lot of energy on flying it to Africa, so that we can feed the starving farmer whose land has dried up because of climate change?

There is no simple answer. But maybe it would make more sense to use our commodities locally, optimise the use of the commodities, so that we get more form the same resource than we do today, lower both our CO2 emissions and our imports, and thereby lowering the emissions that are the reason why the poor farmer is starving in the first place?

We have to focus on helping the world’s starving people, not just in the short-term, but also the long-term, by doing something about the reason why they are starving. 

That we are flying food to Africa every week does not help mitigate climate change and it does enable the poor farmer to cultivate his dried up land again. What would help him is that we give him a fair price for his commodities on the global market, that we optimise the use of our resources, and that we think about how we best use the resources available to us. 

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